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We love supporting local communities and businesses. When you choose Tether, you’re supporting a local business, too! Everyone from our customer service, installation technicians to our technical support staff lives and works here in Alberta.

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With Tether, what you see is what you get. That’s why our installation and equipment fees are included on our plans page. Billing is the one part of Tether that will never surpass your expectations.

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You shouldn’t have to hunt for reliable internet after school and work hours. Unlike cable internet, fiber never slows down, no matter how many users are online. That means you can still play, surf, or steam without interruptions, even after 4:00 PM.

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What Is Fiber?

When we talk about fiber or fiber internet, we’re talking about transmitting data by sending pulses of light through tiny glass fibers. The basic concept is the same as cable internet. The difference is that fiber cables provide more information at faster speeds over longer distances.

To put it another way: today’s websites and web-based services demand more from your home and business internet than ever before. Fiber internet is the best way to stay connected with the modern world.

Do I Need Fiber?

Benefits of Fiber


Fiber cable is typically not affected by electrical outages, severe weather like thunderstorms or any other electrical disruptions.


Cable networks usually offer speeds of 10-500 megabits per second, which slows down during peak hours. Fiber internet offers 1000 megabits per second (one gigabit) all the time, even during peak hours.


Unlike copper cable, fiber optic cable does not transmit any signals that can be intercepted. Security breaches are also easy to detect and remedy.


Traffic increases during evenings and weekends often cause cable internet to slow down significantly. Fiber networks never slow down, offering up to 1,000 times the bandwidth of cable internet.


With a higher demand on fast and reliable internet due to more devices, higher speeds, and heavier reliance on digital data, fiber internet will become less of an option and more of a necessity as time moves on.

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