About Us

Who We Are

At its core, Tether is a few Albertans who are passionate about building Alberta up. We want to empower Alberta businesses and homes by investing in infrastructure to keep us up to speed with the ever-changing world.

We’re not suit-and-tie people. We like wearing jeans to work. We do whatever needs doing to give you exceptional service. And most importantly, we pay attention to what rural communities want and help them get it. That’s who Tether is.

What Makes Us Cool

Our bottom line is Alberta’s bottom line. We live here, we work here, and we want to make sure Alberta businesses have what they need to stay on the cutting edge of their industry. We’re not here to bring “big city” services to small towns. Tether brings fiber optic internet to rural Alberta communities for one important reason; it’s time.

How We Support You

We’re all about giving you what you need and getting out of your way. Once the infrastructure is installed in your community, we make it unbelievably easy to get your fiber optic internet. We can send your router to your home with instructions to install it yourself if you like so we’re not imposing on your schedule.

We’ve even automated our technical support system, so you can find solutions to potential issues whenever you need them. Tether is always there when you need us, but never in your way when you don’t.


Tether is committed to building community. With your help, Tether will donate proceeds from every new customer activation to a local community initiative.

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