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Every business deserves access to the unmatched speed of fiber to improve your efficiency. That’s why our plans are separated into contract terms rather than download speeds and data caps. No matter which plan you choose for your business, you’ll get the same unlimited 1 Gigabit-per-second download and 500 Megabit-per-second upload speed. We promise.

Fast for Today
$275.00/ Month
  • 1 Year contract
  • 500 Mbps upload *
  • 1Gbit/s download *
  • No data caps
Fast for Tomorrow
$225.00/ Month
  • 2 Year contract
  • 500 Mbps upload *
  • 1Gbit/s download *
  • No data caps

*Speeds are up to 1Gbps download and 500Mbps upload. Speed test results may vary and depend upon various factors, including the website used for the speed test, number of devices connected to your network, medium (Wifi) to conduct speed test, peak hours, and applications that consume internet data running on a computer, etc.

Unlimited Streaming

Constant Connection

Powerful Bandwidth

Plans As Low As $110.00 / Month View Plans


Tether is committed to building community. With your help, Tether will donate proceeds from every new customer activation to a local community initiative.

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