Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

It’s recommended to connect within the calendar year to secure the County subsidy for your property and avoid connection cost escalation. Installing fiber optic infrastructure on your property can have a positive impact on your property value.

Tether is all about transparency, we won’t spring any new or hidden fees on you. The cost of equipment and Installation can be found on the plans page. One of our technicians will arrange a time with you, to install the equipment for a one-time fee of $225.00.

With upload and download speeds of 1 gigabits-per-second, Tether internet is fast enough to support everything from gaming to video conferences. Whether it’s for home or business, Tether has the power to meet your needs and then some.

Yes! We’re happy to accept pre-orders. By ordering your service in advance, you’re giving yourself access to faster and more reliable internet as soon as possible.

Fiber optic infrastructure is sometimes called “future proof” for the way it can accommodate nearly unlimited technological advancements. Unless your equipment breaks, you shouldn’t need any updates or replacements in the near future.

Our network support department is available to answer your questions! Call 844 905 0699, option 2 for network support or email us at [email protected]

If there is term left on the customer’s contract, the full balance will need to be paid in to satisfy the contract terms. Alternatively, if the new tenant/owner is agreeable to signing up with Tether, at the same contract level as the previous owner, then the previous owner will incur no penalty for exiting the contract early.

If the new owner selects a different plan than the previous owner, a connection fee of $225 will be applied to create the agreement.

The existing owner is responsible for providing the new owner’s contact information and coordinating the exchange of contract ownership.

Yes! This includes running fiber up to the side of the premise and installing a NID to enable connectivity. Please email [email protected] if you would like a quote for FTTP.

If you choose not to consent to have the fiber optic cable placed on your property in the calendar year of the project, there will be a level of property owner investment required. Potential construction costs will vary, but typically start around $2500. Red Deer County will not be providing funding after this calendar year for the stated construction zones; a 3rd party contractor would be required to quote and construct the fiber drop.

Installation Questions

Installation comes in two phases. First, we need to install the fiber optic cable in the ground on your property. This part of the installation is minimally disruptive, however, we will have to dig a small line in order to get the cable to your home.

Once the necessary infrastructure is in place, all that’s left to do is to set up your equipment and get your fiber internet hooked up.

Once the infrastructure is installed on your property, setting up your internet should take approximately 90 minutes.

Unlimited Streaming

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Powerful Bandwidth

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